Installing simpleCal

Step 1: Configure autonumbering of pages

Open up your Site Manager (admin:manage) and select "Autonumbering of pages": 1e54d29fc0f74a8397899d93b8ae93be
Click "Add autonumbering" and enter cal into the textbox and click "Add autonumbering" 83e1d7705cb754a47948924806a6a2bc

Step 2: Embed the calendar

Now that you've configured your Wikidot site to auto number pages in the cal category, you can embed the calendars into any page within your Wiki.

You can now take a look at the 4 different types of layouts below and include them with the code provided.

Agenda Layout
a list of events
Mini Layout
miniture calendar, fitting into 200 x 200px
Wide Layout
miniture calendar with list of events on the right
Full Layout
full-sized calendar with toggle event list
Without explicit permission from the author, no part of simpleCal's code can be copied, reproduced or altered in any way, shape of form.
Using CSS or other techniques to hide the Powered by simpleCal statement is also forbidden.